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    Roof Top SPV Projects KWP-MWP:

    Design , supply ,Installation & Commissioning of SPV roof top projects for flat , Industrial & roof top projects,
    Design integration of solar modules for any type of roofing (if structurally viable), Approvals from CIEG &
    interconnection. Energy prediction , SCADA implementation & Training in turnkey basis Services provided for
    captive consumption as well as for Net metering requirements.

    Ground Based MW Projects KWP-MWP:
    Feasibility study, Estimations, Survey of land suitability interconnection levels, Design supply, installation and
    commissioning of ground based installation Array layout , design of HT yards, Transmission line requirements,
    Energy prediction Solar PV grid connected MW scale power plants generate enough, reliable electricity to power
    domestic and industrial applications and provides the owner the independent power supply to sell either the
    electricity to the utility company.

    We provide modular solution power plant to scale your solar plant from 1MW to 50MW depending on site

    Salient Features:

    1. Long life and high reliability
    2. Good visual impact & aesthetics
    3. Minimum maintenance Suits all climatic conditions
    4. Minimum quality loss due to narrow power tolerance
    5. Solar modules Less aging degradation
    6. Modules with IEC certification


    Long warranties on all components
    2. Continues revenue generation
    3. Can export quantified power to the grid
    Rapidly pays for itself by selling power back to the grid

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