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who we are

Why GreenSol:


We believe that time has come for humanity to distance itself from energy sources that harm our bodies and planet. Unlike fossil fuel dependency, energy from the sun is free, dependable and endless. It's undeniably time to make a great switch to this smarter energy source. Our goal is not just to provide the infrastructure for this change, but to also instigate the evolution of the world's mindset toward this more sustainable future.

By raising awareness of the technological innovation of solar power and its practical uses, we are preserving for future generations a clean, diverse and beautiful planet that
they can be proud to call home.




We at GreenSol pledge to develop, market, implement, and maintain solar energy technologies to leverage the region's solar concentrations as we improve the living conditions of the people and societies we align with. We are also strong allies of governments, both local and international, that sign onto green initiatives that promote sustainable energy development.



Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions on a global scale and provide affordable, clean energy that provides an attractive return on investment for our customers and investors. GreenSol is dedicated to providing its customers high-quality products and technologies that promote sustainability in all forms. Our products include solar power generating solutions for a wide range of applications and we are dedicated to total success as a local and global competitor in the landscape of the energy industry.




As our emphasis is on clean energy usage on a global scale, much of our business relies on prudent and efficient exportation. We see our customers around the world as integral allies in the fight for a clean future and pledge to make customer service and sound business ethics key elements in our crusade. GreenSol is also a world-class leader in the area of employee development. We are determined to outrank our competition by putting faith in our most precious asset: our employees.



At GreenSol, we believe that personal development is just as important as the
success of the business as whole. We are driven to recruit, grow and mentor our employees in such a way that that they are engaged and rewarded for being a part of our winning team.



To be a consistent leader in providing renewable energy solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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