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About Greensol


    GreenSol Renewable Power Pvt Ltd, is part of GreenSol Group, having operation in India and is steadily expanding into new markets regularly. GreenSol is managed by a team of industry veterans with decades of experience in the realm of renewable energy. Promoting its products under the GreenSol brand, and holds partnerships with some of the most reputable providers of solar energy products in the region.

    Our most noteworthy services include:
    • Solar power EPC consulting and feasibility assessment
      Solar photovoltaic module manufacturing
      solar thermal water-heater manufacturing

      Solar PV off-grid system
      Rooftop PV systems (Off-grid and On-grid) Balance of systems, components like, charge controllers, ACDB & DCDB, Inverters, Solar Panels, Batteries and related issues
      Energy efficient Solar LED lighting system (Home & Street Light Systems)

      At GreenSol, we create fully custom, clean and efficient energy solutions from the ground up. We pride ourselves on our strong, productive relationships with individuals, businesses, communities, industrial campuses and other high-profile clients.

      We provide the following turnkey solutions and system integration options:
    Solar backup systems combined with hybrid power Solar rooftop systems
    Solar water pumping systems

    Rural electrification

    Solar off-grid systems

    Construction of integrated solar power systems

    Specialty projects such as solar power solutions for remote yet high-tech facilities such as telecommunication towers cathodic protection and offshore oil refineries
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